Stellantis pleads guilty to FCA emissions case, cough 300 million,

Stellantis is pleading guilty to criminal misconduct and will pay a প্রায় 300 million fine to solve an investigation into a historic emissions fraud involving the Fiat Chrysler automobiles business, a news report claims.

Reuters FCA LLC, which is now part of the Stalantis Empire, will be convicted of a criminal conspiracy to undermine U.S. emissions regulations by fitting special software to more than 100,000 V6 diesel-powered RAM 1500 trucks and jeeps. Between 2014 and 2016.

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The 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee was an FCA car involved in an emissions scandal

Although Stellantis did not make a formal announcement about the alleged deal with the U.S. judiciary, ReutersSources said the details would be released next week and the company would enter a guilty plea at a later hearing.

Reuters The current FCA case has dragged on for several years as carmakers and U.S. officials have argued over whether the company would be convicted and the details of any criminal charges. An FCA employee is awaiting trial for allegedly misleading regulators, the news agency says.

The news comes three years after the FCA agreed to pay $ 800 million after a settlement with the judiciary, the Environmental Protection Agency, the state of California and other civil claimants, and five years after the Volkswagen Group pleaded guilty to the charges. Own even bigger emissions scandal. VW has agreed to pay $ 4.3 billion in criminal and civil fines in 2017, of which $ 2.8 billion in criminal fines and $ 1.5 billion in civil claims have been settled.

Earlier today, VW Group settled a civil dieselgate case with English and Welsh drivers. It has agreed to pay 193 193 million ($ 242 million) to settle the matter and not have to fight the case in court, but has pleaded not guilty.

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