Stellantis will produce the new STLA large platform EV in Windsor, Canada

Stellantis unveiled its STLA platform lineup at an EV Day event in July 2021 and we are now getting a taste of where the vehicles that will be driven on it will be built.

The brand is investing heavily in Canada to build new vehicles as part of its Dare Forward 2030 strategy, which would see a CA $ 3.6 billion (US $ 2.8 billion USD) investment made in the country. Dare Forward 2030 represents a CA $ 45 billion (US $ 35 billion) investment in electrification and software along the way to a long-term electrification strategy by 2025.

“There’s been a lot of speculation, and although we’re not ready to discuss any product details today, we’re happy to confirm that Windsor will build vehicles on our new STLA large platform,” said Mark Stewart, CEO of Stellantis North America. “These announcements present key components of our Dare Forward strategy to provide secure, clean and affordable mobility solutions for our customers for the future.”

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The production version of the Chrysler airflow concept pictured here will be one of many models to use the STLA large platform

The Windsor plant will be converted in 2023 to make a new battery electric vehicle (BEV). According to the brand, the facility will have the flexibility to adjust the amount of production as needed to meet the changing needs of the market for the next 10 years.

The Brampton plant currently produces Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger, and Dodge Challenger, but these three vehicles are expected to finish production when the plant is reopened in 2024. A new product for the plant will be announced at a later date, but carmakers have said in the past that it will produce “at least one EV”.

The STLA Large Platform will debut in 2026 and will join STLA Small, STLA Medium and STLA Frame platforms in the lineup. The architecture itself will underpin vehicles in a range of 4.70 – 5.40 meters (185 – 212.6 inches) long and 1.90 – 2.03 meters (74.8 – 79.9 inches) wide, the size of a Cherokee or Wagner.

Stellantis said that by 2026 STLA will launch 8 new vehicles on the big platform and the Windsor plant will play a big role in their production.

Production of the current Dodge Charger and Challenger will cease in 2024

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