Supercar Gallery: Check out our prototypes and ideas from Villa D’Est 2022

This year’s Villa d’Este event gives the world an incredible array of 2023 BMW M4 CSL, with $ 28m Rolls Royce Boat Tail and an incredible array of blue chip classic supercars.

But fans of modern supercar equipment also had to shell out a lot thanks to the event’s concept car and prototype display.

Bugatti is bold

The star of the small collection was arguably the Bugatti Bold, which shows that the Bugatti is moving away from focus at maximum speed to prove that it can also do twisty circuit stuff.

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And it’s really going to prove it. Although the 1,824 hp (1,849 PS) Bolide was unveiled as a concept car in 2020, Bugatti confirmed last year that it will deliver the first of 40 units to customers in 2024 who have spent € 4m ($ 4m) on the privilege.


SCG 004CS from Scuderia Cameron Glekenhaus is another supercar that brought a taste of Le Mans on the shores of Lake Como. “CS” stands for Competizione Stradale, and implies that this latest version of 004 ​​is on the road while in circuit.

Previously, the American-built, but Italian-inspired supercar was available as a road-borne 004S or a 004C racer, but the CS, which gets its 750 hp (760 PS) from a supercharged V8, could easily be converted into a fully equivalent competitor. Road car on the machine.

D Tomaso P72

Jim Glikenhouse’s love for vintage Ferraris means 004CS has some fuzzy vintage vibes mixed with mods, but for those who like their supercars a little more retro, De Tomaso and Jagato were with the P72 and Mostro B, respectively.

The P72 was first shown at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​in a very sexy burnt orange color, but the car at Villa D’Est wore a more restrained pale blue coat. De Tomaso says the carbon chassis has changed significantly since the 2019 FoS, improving the interior space without compromising the exterior design.

Production of the 700 hp (710 PS) supercharged 5.0-liter Ford V8-powered car is set to begin at a new facility near Nürburgring later this year, but don’t try to drop your name before delivery starting in 2023. Of the $ 1 million machines, all 72 were snatched.

Monster B would wake up

Jagato’s Mostro B is a similar vibe from the 1960s. Originally a roadstar version of the Zagato Maserati Mostro that was released by the legendary design house even seven years ago, the open-top version has the Masrati Granturismore V8 engine. Like the previous coupe, Jagato is making five examples, but, yes, you guessed it, they’re all sold out.

Mark Philip Gembla Marcien

Equally unavailable, the Porsche 911 turbo-based Marseille from Mark Philip Gambler, son of legendary tuner Way Gambler, but unconnected to the company’s pop left behind. The high-riding Dakar-themed supercar has a new suspension setup by KW that includes a double wishbone on the front and hydraulic ride controls.

Power comes with the option to upgrade from a 3.8-liter flat six tuned RUF to 740 hp (750 PS) and 686 lb-ft (930 Nm), 819 hp (830 PS). Queued to take home.

Other cars on display include the Turing Ares RH95, which looks much more ugly in pale blue than the green we’ve seen before, and the Deus Vayenne, which looks just as awful as before. Which of these ideas and prototypes would you take home?

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