Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo concept a roadster with a hybrid Hayabusa engine

Suzuki has skills in bikes and cars, its latest Vision Gran Turismo concept has been created for popular games combining the best of both worlds. The digital concept is a lightweight all-wheel-drive roadster, powered by a Hayabusa engine with a trio of electric motors.

Starting with the design, the Suzuki Vision GT looks like a roofless Swift on steroids, coming with a fully open two-seater cabin and a sculpted body. Suzuki says the designers were also inspired by the cappuccino, but with the bodystyle aside, there are very few similarities between the two.

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The front end of the Vision GT bears a strong resemblance to the Swift Sport due to the large grille, bumper intakes and aggressive headlights mounted on the bulldozer. The bonnet is quite long for a mid-engine car, while the small columnless panoramic windshield and the absence of a roof contribute to the dramatic proportions. On the back, the LED taillights somehow remind us of the Devon GTX, while the large diffuser with the centrally mounted twin tailpipe makes it clear that it is not an EV.

Inside, the dashboard has a pretty simple layout with screens for mirror-replacement cameras on either side of the yoke steering wheel. The latter integrates start / stop and hazard light buttons, gearshift pedals and a set of unmarked controls. The driver has access to a transparent digital instrument cluster and nothing else, because this type of car will not require your infotainment features.

Moving towards the powertrain, this is probably the best part of the concept. The Hayabusa-powered 1,340cc four-cylinder petrol engine is mounted on the back of the cabin, working together with a trio of electric motors – two front and one rear. As a result, the combined output is 426 hp (318 kW / 432 PS) and a healthy 610 Nm (450 lb-ft) of torque. These figures may not seem so impressive compared to other Vision GT projects, but we’re sure the Hayabusa engine’s screams will make everything more enjoyable. Also, keep in mind that thanks to the adoption of racing technology, the Suzuki concept weighs only 970 kg.

This is not the first time that a Suzuki sports car has been fitted with a Hayabusa engine following the 2001 Suzuki GSX-R / 4 concept recipe. Unfortunately, like its predecessor, the Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo is not destined for production and will remain in the digital world. Still, it’s nice that gamers will be able to run it. The concept is part of the latest free update to Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo 7, available for Sony PlayStation consoles.

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