Take a look at the development of the new Skoda Fabia Rally2

Skoda is giving the final touches to the new Fabia Rally2 Rallycar, which is set to replace the outgoing Rally2 Evo, based on the fourth generation of Supermini. Automaker gives us an insight into a development program through a series of photos, videos and information, explaining what it takes to transform a production model into a rally.

To comply with Rally2 category rules, racers must use a body identical to an existing production model, excluding arrow elements. Compared to the road-going Fabia, the Rally version has been redesigned with front and rear bumpers with deep skirts, wide fender add-ons, Rally-spec mirrors, a vented bonnet, a roof scoop and a new rear wing designed to provide optimal downforce. .

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The Fabia Rally2 is still covered in disguise but it does not hide the aggressive design. Specification – Depending on the tarmac, pebbles, etc. – the Rallycar receives a fitting set of wheels and tires, mudguards, additional LED lighting upfront, and a different chassis setup. The latter is the work of Squadron engineers in collaboration with professional drivers Jan Kopeki, Andreas Mickelsen, Chris Mikey and Emil Lindhome who played key roles in the development program.

The chassis is totally the choice and has nothing to do with MQB-based production vehicles. Rallycar also got a new engine – which must be based on one production unit but can be taken from another model – has increased power and torque figures compared to its predecessor. Power is sent on four wheels via an AWD system and a baseless rally-spec gearbox. The team claims that the new model has been greatly improved in terms of weight balance, aerodynamics, crash safety and handling. They have benefited that the new Fabia is wider, has a larger engine bogie and a longer wheelbase than the previous generation.

Aless Radha, head of racing car engineering at Skoda Motorsport, says the development of the new Fabia Rally 2 began long before the premiere of the production-spec fourth-gen model. Their goal was to launch Rallycar almost a year after the production model, to benefit from new technology and to take advantage of exposure for marketing purposes. Presumably, the epidemic slowed the team down, as they had to work from home for a whole year. Unable to create prototypes, they relied on virtual experiments using simulations and other digital tools.

We expect the new model to be fully unveiled later this year, when it will be available to individual parties. Until then, you can enjoy some action-packed videos at all the different assembly stages Unfortunately, the Fabia Rally2 will not inspire a vRS hot hatch, but rather retains its role as the fastest and most powerful form of Superman in the production of light Fabia Monte Carlo.

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