Talk about a sticky situation: one arrested for pouring maple syrup into a gas tank

Maple syrup is great for pancakes, waffles and french toast, but in a gas tank? Not too much. A woman learns the hard way after an argument with 42-year-old Jeremy Fisher in Alpena, Michigan.

According to MLive, the woman and her boyfriend argued with Fisher on April 3 in an unknown business parking lot. There was no word on what caused the disagreement, but the woman’s car stopped working shortly after the incident.

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He suspected Fisher had something to do with it, so he called Michigan State Police. Soldiers at the Alpena Post responded and noticed a “sticky substance, the smell of maple syrup” when they removed the fuel cap. The car was then taken to a service center where a mechanic found a “gooey substance” under the gas tank that had trapped the fuel pump.

Fisher was arrested May 19 by the Alpena Police Department, and the publication states that he was charged with “malicious destruction of personal property of 1,000 (£ 795 / € 936) or more, but less than $ 20,000 (£ 15,905 / € 18,724).” Not surprisingly, the maple syrup cost over $ 1,000 (£ 795 / € 936) to repair the damage caused by the mischief.

Fisher was taken to Alpena County Jail and given a 25,000 (£ 19,880 / € 23,404) bond. Under the Abdo Act, a charge of malicious destruction can result in imprisonment for up to five years as well as a fine of up to $ 10,000 (£ 7,952 / € 9,362) or three times the damages.

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