Tesla adds OTA software update media profiles, better range calculations

Tesla is bringing its latest 2022.16.0.2 over-the-air software update, with some new features and some enhanced features.

New Media Player accounts can now be linked to driver profiles, allowing users to automatically access their personal Spotify account while in the driver’s seat, and for quick change when someone else is driving.

The most impressive new addition is the Navigation Energy Prediction, which can more accurately predict the remaining range of vehicles by analyzing the forecast weather. According to the release note:

“Your route strength forecast has been improved to include the predicted crosswind, headwind, humidity and ambient temperature when using online navigation.”

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The technology has been tested for some time, but for the first time it has been applied to a wider audience of owners. Hopefully, this works well to alleviate driver range concerns, along with a new function that shows the waiting time of the supercharger on a particular route and can change the navigation accordingly.

A small but important update for some, recipients of improved performance to reduce latency when using Teslamic Karaoke.

Finally, as discovered by Teslascope, the update introduces the option for blended brakes, which use regular braking with regenerative braking to offer a more consistent reduction. Limiting the battery level or temperature regenerative braking ability can also occupy the system.

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