Tesla wants to build a charging station with its own dinner and drive-in movie

Tesla has always been known for its green-light wild business concept, but the last thing they’re cooking (no pun intended) is the next level. After teasing the idea on Twitter in 2018 and filing a logo trademark for it in 2021, the automaker has submitted an application to the Los Angeles Department of City Planning to create a charging station with its own dinner and drive-in movie. Theater

According to the filing, which invented the first electric, the proposed name of the project is “Tesla Supercharger Dinner and Drive-in”. The location they want to use, located in a corner of West Santa Monica Boulevard, is currently occupied by a restaurant and its parking lot. The plan is to demolish the existing building, remove the trees, grade the land and build their new installations over an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout half an acre.

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A top-down view of the proposed site shows the dinner in the bottom right corner, the movie screen at the top and left, and the chargers around the perimeter of the lot.

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The charging station will consist of 34 spaces consisting of 29 superchargers and 5 level 2 chargers. The diner will be a two-story design with a 3,800-square-foot low-level enclosure and a 5,500-square-foot roof area for seating and dining.

Drive-in movie theaters will have 2 screens for charging their cars or eating at restaurants, and they will run about 30-minute movies to match the charging time of the supercharger. Screens will be placed on the north and west borders of the property for maximum visibility and will be made with bamboo wall walls to reduce confusion.

Tesla has applied for permission to operate a 24-hour charging station and restaurant, while the movie theater will only be open from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. to comply with the city’s “commercial corner” standards.

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