Teslas will soon automatically close car windows parked in the rain

If you ever get out of your car without remembering to close all the windows, you will run into problems when it starts to rain. Now, a feature for Tesla vehicles will automatically close any open window if it detects that it is raining and will protect your interior from getting damp.

According to Drive Tesla Canada, the request was made by multiple people on Twitter, but the only Elon Musk himself answered was Brandoni 916, a beta tester for full self-driving.

Elon answered “of course”, although it’s not clear when the feature will actually be launched to the public.

For those who can’t wait for the official release from the company, there is a solution to be able to turn on the feature manually by going to the car settings.

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Under the ‘Lock’ menu, simply select ‘Walk-away door lock’, which will automatically lock the car door as you move away from the car. Then, just turn on ‘Close Windows on Lock’, and for fear, remember to close your car window, even if you don’t. If you leave your windows open so you can get back in your car, that is an option.

The system works whether it rains or not. If the Tesla is parked inside the home and the owner wants to keep the windows open for easy access, they can choose “Leave the house”.

While it’s not like a car to detect rain and close windows, it will act as a stop-gap until the full version arrives.

One commenter pointed out one of the faults in the system, which would close the windows whether there were children or animals in the car or not, leading to potential heat exhaustion. Tesla will probably create a feature that can detect if there are still passengers in the car before closing the window and before providing a confirmation menu on the infotainment screen or turning on the air conditioner.

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