The 2023 Tokyo Motor Show will be “reborn” as the Japan All-Industry Show

Several auto shows were fighting before the epidemic and the situation seems to have gotten worse as several brands are avoiding more selective and former staples like SEMA about events.

Against that background, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) has announced that the 2023 Tokyo Motor Show will be “reborn”.

During a news conference last week, JAMA revealed that the last Tokyo Motor Show was attended by 1.3 million spectators, proving that they could “attract more people if they work with other automobile-centric industries.” They are now doubling down on that idea because they want to change the name of next year’s event to “Japan All-Industry Show.”

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While the name probably won’t be caught, the intent is clear because they want the event to include more than just a traditional automobile. As JAMA puts it, “We want to make it a place where many people can come together, collaborating with all Japanese industries and engaging start-up companies outside the framework of mobility. We’re going to change both the name and the reality to create a whole new show, so please wait for it. “

It remains to be seen what this means, but JAMA noted that “the strength of the Japanese automobile industry is not just passengers. [vehicles]But also a complete lineup of commercial, light and motorcycles. “As a result, it looks like next year’s event will focus on multiple aspects of mobility as cars and crossovers will likely join motorcycles and semis.

Whatever the name of the show, its return would be welcomed as the last Tokyo Motor Show was held in 2019. It was traditionally a biennial event, but the 2021 edition was canceled due to the coronavirus epidemic.

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