The 2,500 HP twin-turbo dodge will scare the Viper Bejesus away from the monsters

The Dodge Viper may have died prematurely, but it remains popular among enthusiasts looking for a world-shaking horsepower and torque figure. Just take this one, for example.

The Viper in question comes from a company called NthMoto which has a lot of experience in changing Viper and creating twin-turbocharger packages for it. It left no stone unturned to build this particular car, so much so that it recently delivered 2,571 hp and 2,009 lb-ft (2,723 lb) of torque while stuck in a hub dino.

These insane figures have been achieved using the billet aluminum 9.0-liter V10 with a plethora of unique cylinder sleeves, a dry-sump oil system and a plethora of other internal upgrades. It also has a pair of giant turbochargers and now has an integrated grant from Bugatti Chiron and Ferrari SF90 Stradel.

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This Dino Dino Run reveals that the car pumps 1,500 hp in the rear wheels while running on 93 octane fuel and it rises to 2,571 hp and 2,009 pound-feet as mentioned in the fuel with 117 octane racing fuel.

These figures result in some pretty significant acceleration time. While testing cars on the road, NthMoto was able to record 60-130 mph (96-209 km / h) sprints in 3.00 seconds and 100-150 mph (160-241 km / h) sprints in 2.1 seconds.

Combined with the crazy engine is a sequential transmission in place of the original six-speed manual.

Significantly, it’s not even the fastest or most powerful viper that NthMoto has ever created. Earlier this year, one of its vipers fired a quarter-mile at 210.28 miles (338.4 km / h) in 6.9 seconds, a record for an American-born supercar.

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