The Biden administration has proposed new electric charging standards for the use of EVs

The U.S. government wants to introduce new minimum standards for electric vehicle charging stations built with federal funding. President Biden’s administration has said that setting clear standards for future charging station projects will ensure that drivers will have fair access to charging opportunities regardless of the type of vehicle they drive or the vault supply company.

The government said in a statement that the proposal would “make it convenient, reliable and affordable for all Americans, including those who drive long distances,” the government said in a statement. “Without strong standards, chargers will be less reliable, may not work for all vehicles or may lack a common payment method. The new standards will ensure that everyone can use the network – no matter which vehicle you drive or charge in which state.”

It is easy to see why the government is interested in getting a legal framework. The Biden administration recently launched a plan to allocate $ 7.5 billion to help reach the goal of 500,000 charging stations across the country by 2030. The government hopes that the initiative will be a catalyst for private sector investment to further expand the charging network.

“Everyone deserves a chance to benefit from EV,” CNBC Transport Secretary Pete Butigig told reporters on Wednesday.

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“We are focused not only on the quantity of EV chargers, but also on their quality,” Bootigig said. “Everyone should be able to find a working charging station when and where they need it.”

While the ICE has stopped setting a date for a total ban on vehicles, something that other countries have already committed, the Biden administration said last year that it wants to account for EVs for half of all new cars sold in the United States by 2030.

“We have to work, the transportation sector is the biggest part of our economy that emits greenhouse gases, and cars and trucks are one of the biggest,” Butigig told CNBC in August 2021.

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