The Brabus Porsche 911 makes the Cabriolet faster and more luxurious

Porsche has partially boosted its profits over the past decade by adding a cornocopia of customizable features across its lineup, but the aftermarket industry has taken its game forward as well as offering owners more choice. For those who want a more detailed and niche car, the new Brabus 820 based on the Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet is even more special. And 820 is not just a random number.

German tuner Brabus actually calls this car the PowerXtra P38S-820 and it actually produces 820 PS or 809 hp (603 kW) and 700 lb-ft (950 Nm) of torque. Upgraded Brabus turbochargers give a further boost and recalibrated ECU tuning helps to get the most out of those snails. A Brabus INCONEL exhaust provides more flow and a unique sound. Performance mode results in 0-60 time 2.5 seconds and maximum speed 211 mph (340 km / h). This is 2.7-seconds 0-60 of the standard car and slightly faster than its 205 mph top speed.

The company even includes two different modes for that exhaust, including ‘Sport’ and ‘Coming Home’ modes that will be quiet. What’s not cool is the pair of BoostXtra valves, which are basically vent-to-atmosphere blow-off valves. That’s right people, this kind of fast and furious sound effect has paved the way for such cars.

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A less powerful version of this Brabus drop-top is also available that produces a total of 720 PS (711 hp / 529 kW). Its name is Brabus PowerXtra PS38S-720. Unlike the 820, this version only gets an ECU update but still offers a nice boost over the stock 640 hp (478 kW). INCONEL exhaust is also available although not standardized at 720.

In terms of changes in the interior and exterior design of the standard 911 cabriolet, they are more of an evolution than a revolution. The small fine carbon fiber flaps extend from the front spoiler and offer effective aerodynamic augmentation.

At the back of the car, a matching carbon fiber diffuser binds the exhaust system and a new spoiler is set up than the stock unit. Brabas also offers a variety of wheels and tires for buyers to choose from.

Inside the cabin, you’ll see black quilted leather with red piping and stitching. And to put it more clearly, it’s everywhere from seats to door cards, to floor mats. The same red and black treatment finds its way even on hard surfaces and honestly, it looks quite chic. It’s a customized 911 that won’t necessarily make the average person’s head spin, but Porsche fans will know it’s not normal.

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