The Cadillac Teas flagship celestic electric sedan is coming next year

Cadillac is giving us another glimpse with a second drop teaser image of its upcoming flagship Celestiq electric sedan.

“From its unique proportions and the language of a new effortless, sophisticated form, to the clarity and attention to detail, CELESTIQ is like nothing on the road today,” said Maggie Debelis, manager of Cadillac Branded Advanced Design. “Since its inception, the CELESTIQ show car has been built for the ‘Standard of the World’ rebirth.”

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Cadillac says it is shooting for the moon with Celestial EV and the first examples of what that means will be teased. The luxury car will have a full glass roof and a pillar-to-pillar display.

The roof just won’t be clean all the time, though. Cadillac says Celestic will be the first car to offer suspended particle smart glass. In addition, it will be divided into four quadrants so that each resident is allowed to choose their own level of color.

Suspended Particle Glass is basically, sandwich tiny particles between two glass pans. Through them an electric charge can be sent, which lines up all the dark particles, making them more or less opaque.

And that shadow will be important to keep a glance off all the celestial screens. While there will be no screen extending from one end of the dash to the other, the Cadillac also thinks of the passengers in the back seat.

At the back, residents will have their own entertainment screen and a small screen between them to control the comfort setting.

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Cadillac added that Celestic would feature a “curated selection of handmade materials”. Looks like there might be a bespoke option that lets customers create their own, special Celestiq.

Whatever materials they choose, though, the car will be built on GM’s Ultium platform. Perhaps because it is not as large as the Hummer, the report suggests that it will be able to range at least 400 miles. It will also have 350 kW fast-charging, all-wheel drive and four-wheel steering.

The design, which would feature some language of the same design as the lyric, was originally created as a combustion engine vehicle. But with the advent of the Ultium platform and Cadillac’s intention to be GM’s EV leader, it was redesigned as an EV.

From what we know about the design, it will be a hatchback with a “polarizing” silhouette, Cadillac design director Brian Smith can be trusted. Wherever you fall into the love-it-live-it spectrum, Cadillac wants to stop you. Although GM has not given a specific date, there are rumors that Celestic will make its debut in 2023, a year after the lyric.

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