The Crazy Honda CR-V has a Godzilla face and a backup of 500 HP

The Honda CR-V is not exactly known for its sporting prowess but it has not stopped a Japanese owner from turning it into a stunning speed machine. With the face of an R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R, it fools many viewers but under the skin, it is a 500 hp animal with AWD.

Featured by YouTuber Adam Jillin on HKS Premium Day at the world-famous Fuji Speedway in Japan, this CR-V is recognized only from the rear. The front and side of the car looked a lot like the Nissan stage, and in fact, Jilin initially thought so.

Take a closer look at all the details and you’ll quickly realize that this is probably the most impressive stock stock. The B18C engine under the hood has been enhanced by a Garrett turbocharger fed by adopting a custom titanium.

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The engine revs at 8,500 rpm and has a speedometer that travels at 320 km / h or just 200 miles per hour. All 500 hp goes through a stock CR-V transmission and then to the AWD system. We wondered if it could handle that grant.

Fortunately, the owner wanted to make sure that the stop was not a weak spot, and they installed a large six-piston brake caliper from the endless at the four corners.

The front end of the car is actually an off-the-shelf aftermarket kit from Top Secret. And notice how the bottom part is much longer than the actual R34? This is a feature that helps the front end to fit perfectly in this crossover.

Fine but important details like this continue inside where we find the Bride Low Max seat with a full custom center console with a touchscreen infotainment system with a full carbon-fiber bucket. Even the door cards are decorated with the same bright blue trim and black alcantara found in the rest of the interior.

According to the owner, the only reason the car didn’t show up at the Tokyo Auto Saloon was because he felt it wasn’t worth it because the rear seats were still in stock. We want to give it a pass. The CR-V is a popular and beloved car but to be honest, we can’t think of another custom version that is as awesome as this one.

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