The driver of the BMW 2-Series has seen a few too many Mustang videos

Rear-wheel-drive cars are often the drivetrain configuration of choice for enthusiasts, but if you own them and want to have some fun, it’s a good idea to practice in a safe environment. Apparently, the owner of this BMW 2-Series did not have much practice, and it seems that inspiration came from all the Ford Mustang drivers who crashed year after year.

The questionable clip was filmed at the conclusion of a recent car meeting in Colombia. Apparently eager to impress the crowd, and possibly the girl in the passenger seat, the owner of the 2-Series pinned the throttle while moving away from the event.

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Although it was not an M2. Although the rear tires of the 2-Series lost traction, the gas-hit car’s tail was not enough to pull it out like a driver. As a result, the driver is seen pulling the wheel aggressively as it descends onto the road, seemingly inclined to provoke some overstear and powermlide the BMW.

2-Series Fishtailing Things go downhill quickly until the driver completely loses control, slides off the road and hits a carb.

The clip was cut immediately after the impact and we could not find any photos or videos taken after the accident. Nonetheless, it seems inevitable that the incident will damage the front fascia of the 2-Series and its undertrack. Depending on the angle at which it hit the carb, it is also possible that there was some damage to the wheel and suspension.


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