The driver of this McLaren 720S had a great day in Mexico

No one likes to see damaged supercars and this orange McLaren 720S crashed in Toluca, Mexico is a particularly sad scene.

Details of the crash are not known, but a video shared on Instagram hints at the loss of our mid-engine supercar. Obviously, this fix won’t be cheap and we suspect McLaren will be off the road for quite some time.

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The video shows the 720S resting across two lanes on the right side of a highway, an Armco barrier and a fence right next to it. While unsure, McLaren’s driver appears to have lost control of the vehicle, tilted and hit the barrier. The force of the impact ripped off the driver’s side rear wheel, along with the brake disc, caliper, and many suspension components.

It is difficult to say how much damage was done to the bodywork, but when a person is filming this video while crossing the 720S, we can see that a large part of the rear bumper has been torn from the car.

Although it is difficult to say for sure, we suspect that the car may be repaired, but it will probably prove to be very expensive, especially considering the disadvantages of complex suspension systems using hydraulics instead of the traditional swing rods. Of course, if you have the money to own such a car, then you probably have the money to fix it.


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