The Ferrari F8 Spider is in the wreckage after an accident with a truck in northern Italy

The Ferrari F8 Spider was completely destroyed in a recent accident in northern Italy.

Details of the crash are limited, but according to the Instagram user who posted the photos, local police suspect the Ferrari driver lost control in the middle of a sharp bend and hit the front of a large petrol tanker.

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Pictures taken by Ferrari after the accident reveal that it will probably never return to the road. Most of the damage seems to be centered around the driver’s side rear quarter panel, indicating that this is the area of ​​the F8 Spider that hit the front of the truck.

We can see that one of the rear wheels is completely torn from the car, as are all the related suspension and braking components. Two round taillights in that corner of the car went out and the rear quarter panel, like the rear bumper, was completely destroyed.

No photos of Ferrari’s front end have been shared online, so it’s impossible to know how much damage it did. What we can see is that the passenger side seems to be protected from serious damage and if the car ends up in a salvage yard, there are definitely some body panels that can be removed and sold.

The permanent damage to the truck appears to be relatively small and confined to the front fascia.

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