The first special edition of the Porsche celebrates the 90th anniversary of the Taikan Hookenheimring

Although it may not be Pretty much Becoming Germany’s best-known racetrack, Hockenheimer is one of the best motorsport venues in the world, and this year it is celebrating its 90th anniversary. Porsche decided to celebrate with a special edition.

The Porsche Taycan GTS Hockenheimring Edition not only celebrates the history of the famous track, it is also the first special edition of the automaker based on an electric car, which probably made it quite a collector’s item. Porsche says the idea behind the car was to combine the track’s principles of “mobile evolution” and “traditional elegance”.

Highlights are, of course, the special badges that are a map of the track and the number 90 as well as the Stone Gray paint from the custom color program that is consistent with the bronze accent. This color extends to the wheel spokes of the 21-inch Mission E design, while the rim edge is finished in Stone Gray.

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Meanwhile, the interior has been customized with black leather which is contrasted by the Island Green decorative stitching. Meanwhile, this Taycan comes with decorative trim on Paldao open hole wood to give a classic flavor. The selector lever, cup holder, and air vent are finished in bronze, matching the exterior. The GT multifunction steering wheel gets bronze trim, while the 12 ends at Marking Island Green.

“We congratulate the legendary racetrack for a rich, 90-year history,” said Alexander Polich, head of Porsche Deutschland. “Through this exclusive special edition, we are not only delighting our all-electric sports car fans, but also highlighting our engagement with Hockenheimring.”

In addition to the touch of unique design, car owners will be given special benefits on the track. With their special edition key, owners can go directly to the Porsche Experience Center at Hockenheimring, located in the center of the track. It comes with two years of free charging on the track and owners will be given preferential parking at Porsche’s monthly assembly for enthusiasts.

Given those benefits, as you might expect, the Porsche Taycan GTS Hockenheimring version will only be available in Germany and other selected European markets, probably within driving distance of the track.

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