The Ford F-150 Lightning Tesla comes with an adapter for charging

Although the age of electrification is really upon us, US car manufacturers have not agreed to standardized charging only for connectors, which can be frustrating for owners. In a somewhat surprising move, Ford 2022 took the liberty of equipping the Ford F-150 Lightning with a standard accessory to allow charging Tesla models from an onboard Pro power generator that has its own proprietary connection.

The news was shared on the Lightning Owners Forum by PipeFitter52 users who discovered the special item shortly after the delivery of his electric pickup: Find interesting. If I find a dead Tesla, I will rescue my Ford Lightning. “

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The part is an aftermarket Lenz J1772 adapter which you can easily find and buy online. As mentioned in the box, it is “compatible with all Tesla models”, which means you can plug any model S, 3, X, or Y into your Ford F-150’s generator with a dead battery, saving days. This feature is consistent with Jim Farley’s comment when turning on the F-150 Lightning: “You can charge your neighbor’s Tesla when the power goes out”. Forum user ChasingCoral suggests adding a “Tesla Rescue Squad” bumper sticker to their truck as they are able to provide free roadside assistance.

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In addition to the Tesla charger, a new adapter built by Parkworld is compatible with all Ford mobile chargers, among the items that come with each new Lightning. This means that all F-150 linings are potential charging stations for other EVs.

Available in F-150 Lightning and F-150 PowerBoost hybrids, the Pro Power Onboard Generator can provide a range of 20 miles (32 km) on one Mach-E, or 13 miles (21 km) on the other for charging per hour. F-150 Lightning. We assume that a 240-volt outlet will provide the same amount of range to any Tesla. Ford says the onboard generator can fully power a home for up to three days.

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