The Ford Transit Custom with high roof option looks ready for a camper conversion

Shortly after the release of the fully electronic e-transit custom, Ford was spotted testing the ICE-powered version of his van, spotted on a high-roofed public road wearing a disguised prototype.

Both Transit Custom (LCV) and Tournio Custom (MPV) will share most of their body panels with E-Transit Custom, with small differences indicating the presence of a combustion engine under the bonnet. These changes will probably focus on the headlight graphics and the front grille.

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This range will include different wheelbase lengths and heights to meet the different needs of professionals. The high roof of this prototype is beneficial for cargo space, allowing owners to transport larger items. Thanks to the increased internal height, they can move freely inside the cargo area while standing upright.

This configuration sounds like a great basis for a camper van conversion, although Ford will likely continue to offer readymade transit custom nuggets to fulfill that role. Nuggets come with a variety of roof extensions (electrically driven or stationary) and offer a dedicated living space at the back. We wouldn’t be surprised if Ford launches an active trim of new transit custom with crossover-style add-ons.

The new generation of Transit Custom and Tourneo Custom will serve as the foundation for the next VW Transporter as part of Ford’s collaboration with Volkswagen. In addition to the fully electric version, engine options are expected to include petrol, diesel, light-hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains. Ford has confirmed that a full range of 1-ton LCVs will be manufactured in Turkey from 2023.

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Photo credit: S. Baldauff / SB-Median for Carscopes

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