The geniuses lost their cars after being burned out in front of the police department

A group of teenagers celebrating a graduation recently learned a lesson that is not taught in school: Burnout in front of the police department is really a bad idea.

While this should be common sense, teens learned the hard way because they were arrested, fined and their vehicles confiscated and then confiscated.

In an uninterrupted video, Dearborn Police Chief Isa Shahin says the group is celebrating a graduation on June 2 by “stunting with their car in The Parking Lot”. [Civic] Center, which is adjacent to the police station. As a result, they were burned in front of police officers, security cameras and Chief Shaheen, who watched the violence through the window.

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As Shaheen told WDI, “I literally looked out of my window and saw these kids burning in front of the police station.” It makes him run outside and grab their license plate numbers.

Three drivers were quickly arrested and their vehicles confiscated for reckless driving. At least two of them were confiscated by police and had to be stung because the white Dodge charger appears to be a scat pack widebody and they start at $ 53,380.

While the seizure seems to be the ultimate response to the burnout, the Dearborn Police Department states that “Every year, reckless and dangerous driving habits are responsible for thousands of injuries, accidents and even fatalities. Not only is it dangerous to drive without thinking about your own safety or the safety of others, it is illegal. ”

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