The high-performance Ferrari SF90 has been tested in the new Hypercar mule as well

After promising its efforts at the bottom end of its lineup with cars like the 296 GTB, Ferrari is now looking back at the top of its range by testing two high-powered mid-engine cars in the Alps.

The first model has recently become a fixture of spy photos. Although there are still many question marks surrounding it due to Ferrari’s antipathy towards confirming rumors, we can assume that it is a high-performance version of the SF90.

Ferrari is expected to repeat what it did for the 488 Pista and 812 Competizione, giving the SF90 a nickname (possibly a version special), a bump in power, and more track-centric behavior. Exactly how it does this is unclear but an added Kaul at the front suggests that the company is doing some work there.

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It would also argue that Ferrari would turn on the SF90’s hybrid powertrain. Currently rated 986 hp (735 kW / 1,000 PS) Thanks to the combination of an electric motor and a gas engine, the car maker may be able to exert more pressure from the car so that (non-metric) horsepower levels quadruple-number

The second mule you see here, meanwhile, looks as awesome as the LaFerrari, which was last built in 2018. While there are some subtle differences between this mule and that previous hypercar, it is unknown exactly what Ferrari is testing here (a LaFerrari successor, probably?).

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The car had previously been tested with stickers that suggested it would be electrified somehow. It may also suggest a hybrid powertrain, although AutoExpress reported in March that Ferrari was working on a naturally ambitious V12 supercar that focused entirely on weight loss.

It is worth mentioning here that the automaker is also working on a hybrid hypercar for the LMDh endurance racing division. It could probably be a drivetrain mule for it, although it’s unclear how likely the company is to test it on public roads.

The Ferrari SF90 version exclusively (or whatever it is called) is expected to be unveiled in September. We have, unfortunately, to wait to learn more about other cars

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