The Honda Accord driver somehow loses control of the highway, destroying the Honda CR-V

It shouldn’t be difficult for anyone with a driving license down a highway. However, there are always plenty of incompetent drivers and the driver of this Honda Accord must learn how to control a car properly.

This dramatic dashcam footage has recently been shared Reddit And the driver of a Honda Accord coupe is seen crashing into a major U.S. highway. Despite traveling in a straight line, they somehow managed to lose control.

Within seconds of the video, the driver starts to reverse and then brakes. The car spun to the right every now and then and left before fishing and hit the side of a Honda CR-V. The force of this impact briefly lifts the SUV up on two wheels before it slides downhill from the highway and first pushes towards the concrete crash barrier on the right.

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Meanwhile, the Accord Coupe spun out of control and crashed into a roadside barrier.

The collision caused significant damage to both the vehicle and the left side of the road. The passenger side of the CR-V is badly dented, with most of the damage focused around the rear door. Its front end was also damaged and we have no doubt that its insurer will consider it a complete loss.

Survival damage to the Accord Coupe is equally bad and its front end will also prove to be somewhat difficult and expensive to repair.

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