The JDM 2022 Subaru BRZ Lighting Switch gets the smallest model year update

One year after the launch of the new generation BRZ in Japan, Subaru has announced the 2022 Model Year Update. While it’s not uncommon for carmakers to upgrade their models in terms of color, trim, and equipment, what has caught our attention is that the changes in the Subaru BRZ are limited to a single component: the light switch.

We acknowledge that we read the press release several times to understand the summary of the smallest model year update we can remember. The bottom line is that Subaru has added an extra position to the light switch. This change allows owners to turn on or off both taillights separately from the side lights (three settings). The taillights and sidelights can only be turned on / off simultaneously on the BRZ from the previous model year (two settings). If you are thinking about headlights, you should know that in Japan, they are automatically approved by law for all new cars sold from October 2021.

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Lighting switches aside, everything else remains unchanged in terms of exterior design, interior design, powertrain, equipment, trim level and optional accessories. And that’s not a problem at all because BRZ didn’t need anything else to be preferred as one of the few affordable ICE-powered RWD sportscars on sale. The only thing that was rumored but did not happen is a 10th anniversary special edition for the Toyota GR86 Twin.

In Japan, market-specific cups are available in BRZ S and R sizes as well. The S comes standard with 17-inch wheels and fabric upholstery. The R comes with a cool set of dark-finished 18-inch wheels, suede / leather upholstery, details and nice trim on heated seats. Finally, the cup comes with 16-inch stills, a roll-cage and other track-centric features since it was designed for competition.

All variants are fitted with the same naturally desired 2.4-liter Boxer engine that produces 232 hp (173 kW / 235 PS) and 250 Nm (184.4 lb-ft) Japanese specifications. Power is transmitted to the rear axle via a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic transmission, with the cup being manual only.

The Subaru BRZ with upgraded multi-level lighting switches is already available in Japan, with prices ranging from ¥ 3,080,000 ($ 24,197) for the S-Trim with six-speed manual, to ¥ 3,432,000 ($ 26,962) for the highest-trimester. Including six speed auto. The back-to-basic cup is priced at ¥ 3,338,500 ($ 26,208).

For reference, in the US market, the 2023 BRZ manual starts at $ 28,595 for premium trim and tops $ 33,815 for the Auto Limited flagship, although the tools available are different for each market.

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