The Kia Sorento owner used an aftermarket warranty to go through 9 engines

Aftermarket warranties obviously get a bad wrap because they can often be a waste of cash. The owner of a Kia Sorrento in the Twin-Cities area, however, has taken advantage of a 10-year unlimited mileage warranty and paid for it in an unknown way. According to a technician familiar with the car in question, the owner saved thousands of dollars.

Sorrento is not known for its extensive reliability issues so it may initially sound like a weird warranty for signing up. Redditor 600-shot-of-autism Carscopes is told that the dealer in question has offered a bumper-to-bumper warranty for 7,000. Note that when this car was first sold in 2012, Kia had already offered a 10-year / 100,000-mile powertrain warranty.

Still, that factory warranty package seems to have expired quite quickly because the technology claims that the 10-year dealer-issued warranty finally expires with 608,061 miles on the odometer. At the time, parts of a larger powertrain were replaced in the Sorrento that you could count on with both hands.

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According to the technology that posted the story, this Sorrento had 203 oil changes, 20 transmission flashes, 9 engines and 4 transmissions during the warranty period. It averaged 2,995 miles per oil change and somehow, nevertheless, those drivetrain parts failed at some point. An engine for every 67,562 miles on average and a transmission for every 152,015 miles.

Technology has told us that this car was driven strictly all its life. They specifically mentioned damaged pistons, rods, cams, heads and even a snap crankshaft. According to sources, the cost of replacing just one engine for the car in question is about $ 4,500.

Calculate and you will get a total savings of $ 33,500 if the warranty is exactly $ 7,000. It does not equate any other repair or routine maintenance.

It’s amazing to see that at least one of the customers in the grand scheme of things seems to have benefited so much from the extended warranty. According to the technician, the owner in question has now transacted Sorrento since the warranty period expired.

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