The Land Cruiser rollover accident shows what not to do while driving on the beach

We’ve seen lots of videos from the Middle East where SUVs are drifting or two-wheeler stunts on public roads, but the latest is a Land Cruiser-related accident off a sandy beach in Pakistan. To show off, the driver was fortunate enough to be able to pull the SUV ashore without hitting any passersby.

The incident took place at Gadani Beach in Pakistan’s Balochistan region, with some people recording it on their phones. The White Land Cruiser J200 is seen coming at high speeds, while the driver tries a technique to slide on wet sand. As you can imagine, it’s not safe to pass a 2.5-ton SUV on the beach

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Presumably, the Land Cruiser hit the wet sand slightly and rolled over to rest next to it. A black Toyota Hilux that was following the SUV immediately came to a stop and rushed to the driver’s aid. We don’t know if the passengers of the Land Cruiser were injured, however, as long as they were wearing their seatbelts.

Driving off-road on a secluded beach can be a fun experience, but this example shows the consequences of reckless driving. The driver of the Land Cruiser dangerously approached a group of people gathered to watch the stunt, and a small miscalculation could easily lead to a tragedy. Fortunately, the only victim was a damaged vehicle and the driver’s pride.

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