The Land Rover Defender will make its debut on May 31, with 130 TZ 8 seats

After years of leaks, rumors, spy shots and speculation, Land Rover Defender 130 released its first picture when it announced its debut on May 31st. Defender’s long bodystyle variants will slot above 90 and 110, giving extra space. Up to eight passengers.

The teaser photo shows 4 × 4 in its natural habitat on a sand dune. Although the sand hides most of the profile, we can clearly see the extra length of the roof and the rear side windows. Presumably, the Defender 130 is sharing most of its body panel with the rest of the Defender range, although it will come with an extended wheelbase and a long rear overhang that is highlighted in previous spy photos and leaked patent images.

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The car is painted white with a silver accent and five-spoke alloy wheels. The SUV is expected to be 5,100 mm (200.8 inches) taller, 342 mm (13.5 inches) taller than the five-door Defender 110 and an impressive 777 mm (30.6 inches) taller than the three-door Defender 90.

The Land Rover was silent on the details, but confirmed that the Defender 130 would have eight seats arranged in a 2-3-3 layout. We assume that the extra length will result in larger legroom for the second and third rows, as well as an increase in cargo space. The engine lineup is likely to be shared with the rest of the Defender range, including the more powerful Defender V8, a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 that produces 518 hp (386 kW / 525 PS) and 846 Nm (625 lb-ft) of torque.

Order books for Defender 130 will open on Tuesday, May 31, in line with the release date. This is before the August 2022 release date announced by Land Rover CFO Adrian Mardel last year, although the latter may also refer to the first deliveries. New model.

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