The lightly damaged 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning sells for, 110,400

A screenshot (or rather a screenshot) from an online auction shows that the damaged 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Lariet is selling for $ 110,400, well above its MSRP. Remember, it can be harmful A little Strict

The image comes from the ACV auction site, a private auction platform for dealers and posted on f150lighningforums. The car looks almost perfect and the only damage listed on the auction page is related to the loose trim on the left side of the front of the truck and in the middle of the moving board.

Naturally, this figure is limited by all means (and it will not be difficult to forge, so take it with a grain of salt), which may mean that there is more damage that we cannot read. If this is the amount of damage, it must explain why site users were willing to put 262 bids on the truck.

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It doesn’t fully explain why anyone would want to spend $ 110,400 on a truck starting at less than 40,000, but there are a few reasons to be sober. For one, the long-range F-150 Lightning lariat starts at $ 77,474, and a window sticker discovered by another forum user indicates that with the addition of this particular truck, an MSRP should have been $ 80,064 – a possible earlier, so-called ‘market-adjusted’ markup. .

It’s still about $ 30,000 less than the truck that sold at this auction, annoyingly loosely trimmed pieces and all. So what accounts for about 37 percent premium? Well, for one, all car prices have skyrocketed now because of tight supply lines.

In addition, Ford confirmed in April that the F-150 Lightning 2022 model has been on sale for years, so if you can get the order, you can probably wait a long time before it arrives on your driveway.

In fact, we’ve already reported excessive markup for the F-150, with some dealers arguably asking $ 145,309 for the high-trim platinum model.

Not that I think markups should be defended, they’re just market forces that might make someone think it’s a good idea. I think anyone who buys this truck realizes that a lightly damaged F-150 lightning is worth one and a third of the new lightning in the bushes.

Pictures f150lightningforums

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