The man trying to pull out the blaze of a car discovers what happens when you throw a fire

The Internet is full of videos of children throwing or throwing soda bottles just to be small rockets for them. I didn’t realize it could happen with a fire extinguisher.

A video recently posted on Reddit shows what happens when a fire extinguisher is dropped. The short clip already opens in a chaotic scene, as a car parked at a bend slowly burns into flames.

A person wearing a blue shirt considers the situation, tries to do what seems wise, and tries to use a fire extinguisher in the car. Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment, the extinguisher slipped from his hand and fell to the ground.

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When this happens, the extinguisher is damaged and it creates a serious leak. The contents came out so loud that the canister began to spin and fly in the air, scaring the people around who were trying to help.

The canister is driven so high that it can easily fly many times higher than a nearby two-story building and fly away. It is almost unbelievable how the fire extinguisher flew away and the spectators were quietly stunned as they watched the scene.

Unfortunately, as much as I can imagine, it was bad news for everyone involved. The owner of the car that caught fire certainly did not appreciate losing a way to put out the fire. Undoubtedly the one that was near the extinguisher during the landing was also quite frightened, because I can’t even imagine the metal canister coming down very gently running through the air.

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