The MG Cyberstar EV production design leaked, looking quite promising

Our SUV-dominated world may be annoying for automotive enthusiasts, but there is good news for Roadstar fans in the end. We already know that MG has greened an affordable EV roadster green previewed by the MG Cyberester concept, but a new set of patent images finally reveals the car in its production form.

The roadstar featured in the patent filing has no badges, but most of its styling hints are clearly inspired by the MG Cyberstar concept from the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show. The overall design may be significantly toned compared to the glamorous concept but we already knew this was going to happen as the cyberstar was seen far away from a production-ready vehicle.

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Starting with the proportions, the production model has front and rear overhangs, small diameter wheels and a long windshield. Still, it looks quite sexy, even with the addition of a soft-top roof that makes the roofless concept less exotic than the car.

On the front, the Fender has a pair of large headlights, but the design of the bumper bears a striking resemblance to the concept of eating, creating an “evil smile”. The aerodynamic splitter is visually attached to the side seal extension of the profile and the dual diffuser at the rear. There, we have the most obvious connection to the cyberstar concept, the arrow-shaped taillights. Of course, the tail is less sculptural, with extra space for license plates, while the rear deck is fitted with a softer top when not in use. Still, the model looks pretty good, sending some previous-gen BMW Z4 Vibe.

We have no idea about the specifications of the powertrain or the upcoming model, but it must be completely electric. The concept consisted of a quad electric motor setup that allowed a sub-3-second acceleration of 0-100 km / h (62 miles per hour). This is probably too much for a production sportscar so we assume it will inherit a less powerful powertrain, hopefully sending power to the rear axle. The advertised range of the concept of more than 800 kilometers (497 miles) is expected to be less in production vehicles to reduce costs and weight using a smaller battery.

Top executives have hinted at an affordable price that would put Roadstar up against the electrified successor to the Mazda MX-5, the rumored all-electric Toyota MR2 successor, as well as the existing ICE-powered Toyota GR86 and Subaru BRZ twins. Nowadays, it’s very rare for automakers to unveil affordable sportscars so it’s really nice that SAIC-owned MG wants to join this segment, after missing out on the SUV-centric model range for years. After all, MG was one of the main strengths of the Roadstar business from pre-war T-type and midjet models, to TF.

An earlier report had said that the production version of MG Cyberstar would be launched in 2024 as part of MG’s centenary celebrations, although patent filings suggest that we see it much earlier – probably in 2023.

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