The new Bentley Azure range prioritizes relaxation, comfort, and wellness

These new cars are designed to do what a Bentley does best: make you feel humiliated.

When you think of it in its most basic form, the greatest luxury is the feeling of relaxation and satisfaction. Feeling comfortable and at ease is a luxury that most people in the world would agree to experience, and it is a luxury that Bentley aims to offer in its new Azure range. Available for Bentley’s full model lineup, the Azure Range focuses on comfort and well-being for Bentley drivers, and achieves this by designing everything in the vehicle aimed at reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

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This new Azure range serves as the antithesis of Bentley Speed, a range that highlights the Bentley car’s maximum performance potential and brings to the limelight other features of the Bentley: timeless, uncompromising luxury. Developed with the help of neurologists and other fitness experts, the Bentley Azure range features a 22-way adjustable seat with adaptive heating and ventilation and a massage function that optimizes body posture, a suspension system that prioritizes comfort and many more. With safety features that give the driver confidence in a variety of situations, Bentley’s Azure Range aims at something that seems easy: being the most beautiful car to drive.

From the curation of interior design elements to safe driving to create a comfortable environment, the Bentley Azure experience is designed to be the most comfortable and cozy behind the wheel, from fatigue prevention functions. If driving a Bentley was not already one of the most enjoyable experiences in the world, it is most definitely now.

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