The New Buick Envista is a gas-powered production version of the Electra-X concept

Buick made a splash when launching the stylish Electra-X concept in China earlier this month. At the time, they said the model was designed to foreshadow the company’s new styling language, as well as to indicate “Buick’s new generation of electric vehicles in China, under GM’s revolutionary Ultima platform.”

Now, let’s move on to today and we’re getting an open look at the upcoming Envista, which is very similar to the Electra-X. However, the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has revealed that Envista has a 1.5-liter engine that produces 177 hp (132 kW / 179 PS).

This is a radical change and the documents state that the model will have a top speed of 127 mph (205 km / h) as well as a carb weighing 3,120 – 3,164 pounds (1,415 – 1,435 kg).

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Back in the design, the Envista is a sleek crossover coupe with slender headlights on either side of the Buick’s modernized tri-shield badge. Further down, there is a large meal with horizontal chrome bars bound by chrome ‘whiskers’.

Other notable highlights include a plastic body cladding and a rake windscreen that flows over a sloping roof. The model also has a stylish rear end with 18-inch alloy wheels and narrow taillights. We also see a sporty GS variant with a panoramic glass roof and black accents.

In terms of size, the crossover coupe is a wheelbase 182.6 inches (4,638 mm) long, 71.5 inches (1,816 mm) wide and 61.6 inches (1,565 mm) long which is 106.3 inches (2,700 mm) wide. The next image is similar to the upcoming Chevrolet Seeker and the two models seem to be closely related because they share the same powertrain and top speed.

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