The new Chinese EV maker wants to create a classic mini clone

A new electric car company is on the map in China, and patent images show that it plans to build an electric knock-off of the classic mini.

Image unveiled by Car News China Reveals that a company called Beijing Estec Technology dreamed of this compact EVT. The brand has limited details but is believed to have financial support from IAT Automobile Technology and Carlman King.

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Except for what is seen in the picture, there are limited details about this classic mini rip-off. The overall shape of the car is similar to that of the Mini and just like that, the car has classic round headlights, fog lights and a bumper that will probably end in chrome.

These photos further show that the first EVT of Beijing Estek technology is a two-door but it has a long wheelbase and seems to provide enough interior space for four passengers. A retro-inspired antenna is also visible, such as a classic fuel cap on the rear tailgate. Other mini-“inspired” design details include a round wing mirror, chrome windshield wiper and small trunk.

Despite the fact that the main technical features of the car are hidden, Car News China Note that it probably has a battery pack on the floor and an electric motor to drive the front wheels.

This classic mini rip-off is far from the only clone that has come out of China in the last 12 months. One brand that seems particularly interested in taking inspiration from the iconic cars of the past is the two cars that mimic the look of the iconic VW Beetle, the company behind Great Wall’s ORA, Punk Cat and Ballet Cat.

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