The new competition package of 2023 Audi RS 5 has increased the maximum speed to 25 mph

Audi RS5 has become more serious than before in terms of performance.

Audi’s RS5 is known as a car with luxury and statehood, and is known for combining those things with world-class performance and the ability to dominate roads and tracks. The 2023 Audi RS 5 will be the greatest RS 5 yet, with the twin-turbocharged V6 engine coming at 444 horsepower and 442 lb / ft of torque, a time of 0-60 in just 3.8 seconds, and a new competition package that brings performance to the RS 5 a brand new For level.

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Equipped with competition package, RS 5 reaches maximum speed, 180 miles per hour. It is 25 miles above the standard 155 and 6 miles above the 174 of the Dynamic Plus package. The competition package also includes a matte black exhaust pipe that enhances sound and reduces vehicle weight by 18 pounds, as well as a unique virtual cockpit layout and an exclusive exterior color: sebring black crystal effect, which can be selected for both coupe and sportback body style. The Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires and ceramic front brakes make for a dynamic driving experience that is well rounded and efficient in any sport driving situation. Starting at 75,900 for the coupe and $ 76,200 for the Sportback with the $ 16,100 competition package option, the Audi RS5 is really better than ever.

Source: Audi

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