The new “Porsche Color” exhibition in Atlanta celebrates Porsche Paint

At the Porsche Heritage Gallery at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta, Porsche features a wide palette.

A Porsche is a classic and instantly recognizable car, but at the same time, Porsche cars are incredibly easy to personalize and build your own. The principle of being both a personal and cultural statement has long been important to Porsche, so the paint that goes on a Porsche with the Porsche Exclusive Manufacturer and the Paint to Sample program is an important consideration for the brand. , As well as other programs and special colors have given people the option to express themselves for decades and create truly beautiful Porsche.

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To celebrate this, the Atlanta Porsche Experience Center’s Heritage Gallery has an exhibition called “Colors of Porsche” that will run until 2022. It features Porsche in unique colors, each with a story and a personality behind it, Mark Fisk-owned Fern Green 1978 Porsche 911 SC, or Rubstone Red 1988 “Safari” Carrera, Porsche Exclusive Manufacturer-Specific Ice Green Metallic 2018 911 GT2 2015 Spyder, 915 and many more. This new show shows how an amazing color can bring a Porsche to life and tell a story that lasts for generations.

Source: Porsche

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