The new Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II has visited the French Riviera

Invited guests enjoy exclusive displays and test drives of the new Phantom II series.

At the top of the brand’s fleet of luxury models, the Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II has been significant as an industry leader since the redesign of redesign. Providing aesthetic and performance upgrades to the automatic icon, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is proud to showcase the Phantom Series II at a special event in the French Riviera’s great landscape. Starting today, June 6, the Phantom Rendezvous will travel as a worldwide press drive for guests to enjoy time at the new Phantom on the Mediterranean coast.

Must wear: Rolls-Royce Motorcars adds updates to the all-new Phantom Series II

The event takes place at the Maybourne Riviera Hotel in Rockbrook-Cap-Martin, which presents a stunning Rolls-Royce chassis, overlooking the breathtaking view of Monaco. Guests at the Phantom Rendezvous will be able to see a pair of bespoke Phantom models showcasing the talents and craftsmanship of the British automaker. The Phantom Platinum has a silver-and-white finish that mimics the world’s most precious metal, platinum, while The Great British Phantom Union flags highlight a striking magma reggae finish with bespoke artwork. See all examples of the current Rolls-Royce Phantom for sale in the Dupont Registry by clicking on the link below. Check back at the Dupont Registry for more upcoming Lifestyle releases and Rolls-Royce motor vehicle news.

Source: Rolls Royce Motor Car

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