The new Skoda Superb sedan Mule Spide, has not yet worn a production body

Skoda is quietly working on a new generation Superb flagship that will be closely related to Europe’s next VW Passat. After seeing a Skoda Superb Combi mule in September 2021, our spy photographers caught a new one, this time based on a Superb sedan.

The fact that Skoda is using the body of the current Skoda Superb with a slightly different bumper design on the front and rear ends of the camouflage should not make us believe that they are working on another facelift. After all, the third-generation Superb was originally launched in 2015 and has already received its mid-life update in 2019. Thus, below the familiar-looking body panel of the painted mule is a brand new model that will arrive in 2023. .

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Unlike the Passat which is expected to be transformed into a liftback, Skoda will likely retain the taste of both the sedan and the combi bodystyle. We hope that the largest model in the Squadron lineup will integrate the language of the new “Modern Solid” design announced last March with a mysterious SUV teaser. Still, don’t expect it to be the most radical design in the ডkoda range, as its customer base is rather conservative.

Both Skoda Superb and VW Passat will be based on an improved version of the MQB platform. They will be available with light-hybrid petrol (eTSI), diesel (TDI), and plug-in hybrid powertrain (eHybrid / iV), leaving a complete electrical option for other models in the VW Group lineup. Nevertheless, PHEV’s improved efficiency will allow an EV range of up to 62 miles (100 km), which is sufficient for most drivers’ daily needs.

We look forward to learning more about the fourth generation Skoda Superb as we get closer to its launch in 2023, as prototypes could make their presence felt before the end of 2022. The model will be manufactured at VW Group’s factory in Bratislava, Slovakia , As well as VW Passat.

Image Credit: mr_9_8_ for carpix

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