The one and only Hulius intruder concept is now made for Grab

If you’re a fan of top gear, you might be familiar with The Excellent, Jeremy Clarkson’s homebuilt SUV that combines a Land Rover Discovery chassis with the body of a Mercedes-Benz SL. As it turns out, the journalist and presenter was not the first person to create such a weird Mercedes SUV.

The car you are looking at is called an intruder, and was brought to life in 1996 by coachbuilder Hulিয়েes. The bizarre off-roader is based on a Mercedes-Benz G320 but has no resemblance to the G-Wagon and is a smooth, sporty one. Like the SLK of the day, it has a car-like design with a folded metal roof

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This is the only example of an intruder produced with a folded metal roof because the final production model – limited to only five examples – was a hardtop. DK Engineering The car is selling and noting that it first ended in Mercedes Silver, first white, then red, and then back to the original silver.

Also, this unique vehicle has made a massive recovery at a reported cost of 280,000 ($ 299,000), which makes the current £ 174,995 ($ 219,000) price look a bit like a bargain.

Given its Mercedes G-Class underpinnings, the Intruder has a 3.2-liter inline-six and four-wheel four-speed automatic transmission. It also retains the G320’s locking differential and mounts on a set of large all-terrain tires.

Although you may not be familiar with the name Huliage, the company has worked extensively with Renault to make the 5 Turbo a reality, one of the best hot hatches ever produced. Hulias also built the Peugeot T16 homologization vehicle before focusing on intruders.

The funny thing is, it turns out DK Engineering Has been trying to sell the intruder for more than two years. Clarkson will probably buy it to join The Excellent.

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