The owner of one of the service stations refuses and digs his heels against the big oil

The vast majority of us are slightly more than spectators in the combination of the reasons for sending gas prices into the stratosphere. There are very few of us who can do that but not in the case of a full-service station owner. He has decided to stop buying fuel in protest of the situation he blames the oil companies for. It could close a business he has owned since 1973.

Reynolds Gladdu knows that this may mean the end of his service station, Ren’s mobile service, but he decides to do what he can personally. When petrol hit 4.75, he told his supplier, ExxonMobil, that he would not buy any more fuel until the price was reduced again.

“I don’t want to be a part of it anymore,” Gladu told the Daily Hampshire Gazette. “It simply came to our notice then. By dealing with Mobil, they no longer worry about their pricing policy, ”said Gladou. “I’ve served their product, but I refuse to do it anymore because they’re just getting rich.”

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For its part, ExxonMobil has taken a surprisingly different approach to the situation. A company spokesman said: “Pump prices are influenced by the price of crude products and the wholesale price of the product which fluctuates with demand and supply factors – such as economic conditions and seasonal factors, fuel production, inventory, storage and transportation costs.”

It is also worth noting that Gladou does not deal directly with Exxon but through third party wholesale suppliers. In addition, while he is not selling fuel, his station continues the other side of his business with services such as oil change, brake replacement and tire installation. They even transact in used vehicles from time to time so that alternative revenue sources exist for small businesses.

Despite this bold position, the loss of Ren’s business does not seem to have a lasting effect. Last year, ExxonMobil made a profit of over 23 billion. It doesn’t even consider total revenue across all major oils. Still, the big movement has to start somewhere and Gladou’s choice could inspire other fuel station owners to do something similar.


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