The policeman who stole the truck and drove it to work was jailed for six months after he applied

More than a year ago, Matthew Caleros, a 46-year-old Los Angeles police officer from Whitter, California, was arrested on a number of charges ranging from a car theft to an unauthorized disclosure of DMV records. After initially pleading not guilty and fighting the charges all the time, he has now changed the plea to guilty and will now face a punishment that must be lightened considering all the laws he has broken.

After nearly a quarter of a century in the police force, Caleros asked a salesman about a history report before driving the lot in Chevrolet Silverado in October 2019. Although this choice was not the last bad thing he did.

When the pickup was first reported stolen, prosecutors said Caleros posed as a different LAPD officer and then informed the department’s vehicle warrant unit that the truck had already been recovered. He then attached a license plate from a 2014 Silverrado to the back of the truck before using a confidential database to run checks on both Silverrados in question.

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According to the AP, more than a year after the actual theft, Caleros was arrested while working with trucks at his station and in the parking lot. Even then he was released on bail in his own recognition. Somehow, it doesn’t sound like the same kind of treatment that ordinary citizens would get in the same situation.

Regardless, Caleros fought the charges and pleaded not guilty. He is now facing charges of car theft, registration or license plate fraud, and false personality, all crimes, as well as three misdemeanors. He was given only 180 days in prison and two years of access. Court records also show that he will have to pay an undisclosed amount.

It should also be noted that after the sentencing, Caleros was released again and is expected to report to prison by August 26. If he goes on that particular day, he will be out by February 22, 2023. Just for the context, most of these crimes were punishable by four years and four months in a state prison.

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