The Safari Sportsman could be the ultimate Porsche 911 off-roader

Russell Built Fabrication is back with its latest off-road-focused Porsche 911 project and this may be its best car so far.

To keep his new safari sportsman alive, the American company started with a 964-generation 911 and equipped it with a race-proven off-road suspension system that was made from clay. This new suspension setup allows the 911 to rotate the wheel up to 10 inches and expands the wheelbase by 2 inches. Russell Built Fabrication has also dramatically increased the ground clearance of sports cars and widened tracks.

The main components used in the new suspension setup are adjustable struts, adjustable camber plates, heavy duty unit bearings and hubs, steel plate lower A-arms, 7075 billet aluminum apparatus, new tie rods, saw bar links and top. The rear of the safari sportsman benefits from boxed plate steel trailing arms, internal bypass King Shock and coilover, heavy duty hub and billet aluminum hub carrier.

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There have also been several visual changes to the car. It includes flared front and rear wheel arches, six low skid plates, steel tube inserts on the front and rear bumpers, and a pair of mud flaps. A set of black rotiform wheels has also been made for the Porsche and wrapped in toy open country tires.

A number of options are also available. It includes bumper-mounted yellow fog lights, a hood-mounted rally light, a carbon roof rack, a four-point roll cage, and an accessory carrier that holds two recovery ramps, a toe strap, and a scissor jack.

Three engine options available. The first will see Russell Built Fabrication completely rebuild the engine and increase the 3.6-liter capacity, resulting in 310 hp. A 3.8-liter option with 350 hp and a 4.0-liter build with 400 hp are also available, while Phase 1 and Phase 2 transmission upgrades are also offered.

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