The second $ 28 million Rolls-Royce boat was inspired by the mother of the pearl

The second example of the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail Coachbilt project is presented, May 21, 2022 in Italy, the day before its public unveiling at the Concarco d’Aleganza, Villa d’Este.

This boat tail was made for a special client as a tribute to his father and family history, with a design inspired by Pearl’s mother. Note that this is the last boat tail to follow the first one in 2021, since the owner of the third instance requested that it be kept secret. Although Rolls-Royce did not disclose the price of the second boat tail, all three are thought to be priced close to the same $ 28 million mark.

Unique Rolls Royce Convertible’s self-built nature gives designers the freedom to explore larger customization options in collaboration with the customer. Although the aluminum platform from the Phantom, the 6.75-liter twin-turbo V12, and the aluminum body panels are identical to the first boat tail, the second example has completely different specifications.

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Rolls-Royce did not reveal the client’s identity but said he was an established patron of the industry, including “a huge collection of classic and modern cars kept in a dedicated private museum.” The “Mother of Pearls” theme was chosen as a tribute to the source of her revered father in the pearl industry.

The process began with the selection of four pearl shells from the client’s personal collection, which inspired the designers. As a result, the exterior shade is one of the most intricate basepack finishes created by Rolls-Royce. Our farmers will call it a beautiful light pink which changes its color depth and appearance depending on the light conditions. However, Rolls-Royce has done a better job of describing the unique paint as “a glittering combination of oysters and soft roses, combining a unique pearly quality with large white and bronze mica flakes that vary subtly in different lighting conditions”.

Around the pantheon grille and the bonnet of the boat tail is painted in a contrasting cognac shade to match the interior. However, this is not your average cognac paint because it is embedded with “bronze and gold colored aluminum mica flakes” and covered by “a layer of crystal and iced matte clear coat”. After all, what looks like carbon fiber on the underside of a car is a “technological fiber” with “rose gold woven yarn”, which matches the Rose Gold Spirit of Ecstasy.

Moving backwards, the rear deck retains its butterfly design and the original carbon-fiber stool, but instead of the first open-hole caledolegno veneer used on the boat boat, the owner has opted for a warm royal walnut veneer that features a “satin-brushed” feature. Gold-plated Pinstripes. ”Over time, the veneer matures, getting closer to the bonnet’s cognac color.

Inside the cabin we find a combination of cognac and oyster shades for delicate leather, with a royal walnut veneer and rose gold accents. The Mother of Pearl is mounted on the switchgear, inside the instrument cluster, and the timepiece mounted on the dashboard. The latter comes from the client’s own collection so we assume he won’t sell the car in the near future.

Interestingly, Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Mারller-Otives described the coachbuilding process as the “haute couture” of the automotive industry, just days after rival brand Mercedes-Maybach used the same word for its most special S-name. Still class. Still, Mbach has a long way to go before the Rolls-Royce boat comes close to the exclusive nature of the tail.

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