The world now has a low Lucid Air Dream version 6 to enjoy

If you want the key to the Lucid Air Dream Edition but miss the limited-edition model when it was new, this example might be your next best option.

This particular Lucid Air was damaged in an accident and is currently for sale in Detroit, Michigan, not through anyone else. Coopart. It has an estimated retail price of 229,400, and we don’t know how many miles it was on the watch when it crashed, but how much new air it is cannot be considered.

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Lucid’s sustained visible damage was mostly concentrated on the passenger, probably EVT T-Bond and was hit by another vehicle. We can see that both front and rear passenger doors are badly dented and if this Lucid ever gets back on the road it needs to be replaced. The car’s front fascia and one of the front quarter panels appear to have some stains.

It is impossible to know whether there was any structural damage to the aircraft in the accident. If it doesn’t, repairing it shouldn’t be too much of a problem, unless some replacement doors can be obtained from the electric car manufacturer. Sidebar airbags were accidentally triggered and need to be replaced.

Production of the Lucid Air Dream version is limited to just 520 instances worldwide. It was offered in two configurations, namely the ‘Range’ variant with 933 hp and capable of traveling 520 miles (836 km) on a single charge. The Dream version can also be configured in the ‘Performance’ specification where it delivers 1,111 hp and can travel 471 miles (758 km) on a single charge.

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