There are no stones left with this Genesis G70

The Genesis G70 is a great sports sedan. However, since its launch a few years ago, it has not proven to be so popular for upgrading and changing through the aftermarket. This G70 is a little different.

Found EBay (although we sold when this story was published), The G70 is a 2019 model and has undergone a number of changes that set it apart. The first thing that catches your eye with a car is the custom purple color that fits perfectly with the sedan.

The new paint scheme complements the front and rear wheel arches and the three-piece chrome wheel set. The car also features a striking array of carbon fiber components, including a wing mirror cap, hood, side vent, side skirt, front splitter, rear lip spoiler and rear diffuser. Adding to the sleek look of the car is an air suspension system which means it can be lowered while being on display.

Driven: The 2022 Genesis G70 remains a great sports sedan for money

There have also been a handful of performance changes. The list includes cars now equipped with a stainless steel cat-back exhaust, catless downpipe, high-powered spark plugs, new fuel control wires, drilled with ceramic pads and a slotted brake disc, and an aftermarket intercooler.

The owner has invested a lot of time and money in Genesis’ cabin. The most notable upgrades are found in the trunk, which has an audio setup with three amplifiers and two 8-inch subwoofers. The G70 now has four 8-inch speakers and four new twitter.

Much like the exterior, the interior is bathed in carbon fiber, although it is found in fake carbon and dashboards, A-pillars, instrument clusters, steering wheels and center consoles. A Rolls-Royce-inspired Starlight headliner has also been fitted

Even if this G70 started life as a 3.3T RWD Prestige model with a massive and obviously expensive overhaul, the মূল্য 65,000 asking price might come as a surprise to anyone because it’s about $ 12,000 more than the actual MSRP.

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