This 1990 Toyota Supra wants to mark the Lamborghini Reventon

No, you’re not looking at a Lamborghini Reventon – it’s actually a 1990 Toyota Supra that has been transformed into one of Lamborghini’s most iconic limited-powered models.

This complete bizarre supra has been listed for sale Market In the Netherlands and there is a মূল্য 19,950 ($ 21,103) asking price It’s a lot of money for a 1990 Supra but the previous owner obviously spent a lot of time and money looking at it like Reventon.

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The first is paint. Much like the real Reventon, this supra has a stealthy matte gray finish, although we’re willing to bet it’s not actually the paint that Lamborghini used. The exterior of the Toyota was then fitted with a miraculous bodykit that is supposed to mimic the Reventon although, as is often the case with such replicas, the proportions are completely inadequate.

An aggressive new bumper visible on the front with large air intakes and angular headlights. The supra hood also has a few small air intakes. Elsewhere, there is a set of distinctive silver and black wheels and sides that have been transformed with new panels and skirts. The rear half of the Toyota is particularly bizarre because there is no engine in the back of the cabin like the Lamborghini, but that did not stop the manufacturer from expanding the rear and creating a fake engine cover.

The car does not appear to have undergone any significant mechanical changes. As such, it pumps a 3.0-liter six-cylinder 238 hp and retains the features combined with a manual transmission.

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