This $ 24,000 space camper for the new Tesla Cybertrack is quite impressive

Yet another startup has emerged with the promise of a camper attachment for the non-existent Tesla Cybertrack. The company in question is called Space Campers and is building a large camper attachment for the electric pickup truck that could make it perfect for off-grid adventures.

The camper-section sits on a pickup bed and has a large roof that can stand up to 8 feet (2.4 m). The creation of space campers also promises to be extremely versatile.

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In fact, the company notes that the camper can hold a large double bed that can be folded from part of the roof. When the bed is not in use, it can be folded and kept away, providing space for a small sink and benchtop, an induction cooker, water heater, fridge / freezer, a desk and a small seating area that allows owners to operate remotely. Lets do. Wherever they can get internet.

A major advantage of this type of camper for an electric vehicle, in contrast to a combustion vehicle, is that all electrical equipment runs on pickup batteries. That means you don’t need an external battery or generator to keep things moving.

The company says its camper attachment features a solar roof, indoor lighting, four electrical outlets, a compatible canopy, a built-in exhaust vent and a keyless entrance. Shoppers can also opt for an outdoor shower enclosure with a roof rack, thermally padded flooring, a built-in movie projector and a portable toilet.

Campers are not cheap. In fact, it will start at $ 24,000 and reservations are currently open Company website Including refundable deposit of $ 100 to $ 10,000. Those who have more deposits will get production priority and other benefits.

This is not the first startup to start taking reservations for cybertruck campers. Last year, a company called ‘Stream It’ made headlines with its $ 50,000 Cyberlander Camper.

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