This electric walk-in van may be suitable for delivery companies

EAVX and REE Automotive have teased an all-electric walk-in van prototype that they will begin customer evaluation this summer.

The underpinning of the car is REE’s P7 electric vehicle platform designed for Class 3-5 vehicles with payloads up to 8,800 pounds (3,991 kg). The platform also supports all-wheel steering, all-wheel drive and boasts a range of up to 370 miles (595 km). The walk-in van will be the first vehicle to use this platform.

Teaser images released by the two companies depict a large, delivery-style van with a full-height driver’s door. A large windshield, four round LED headlights, illuminated badges and an incorrect geometric grille visible in front of the van. We can see a pronounced front bumper with bright red toe hooks as well as a set of plain black wheels with a red center cap.

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EAVX and REE Automotive will conduct an evaluation of electric walk-in vans in the Detroit metropolitan area this summer. Assessments will be limited to pipeline customers across the retail, delivery and logistics segments who may use the vehicle in their fleet.

“This is an excellent proof point for EAVX’s unprecedented offer to accelerate commercial vehicle electrification for existing and new customers,” said John Poindexter, CEO and Chairman of JB Poindexter & Co. “By partnering with REE for its innovative REEcorner ™ technology and modular electrical chassis, EAVX can gain JBPCO’s proven history of designing and building excellent electric truck and commercial vehicle companies and accessories for designing and building commercial electric fleets across all sizes and markets.” . “

EAVX is a subsidiary of JB Poindexter & Co, a privately owned manufacturing business run by Morgan Truck Body, Morgan Olson, Reading Truck Group and other companies. REE Automotive sits on the NASDAQ and is an Israel-based manufacturer of EV and autonomous vehicle platforms.

In addition to teasing its electric walk-in van with EAVX, REE Automotive has announced that it will establish a European integration center in Coventry, UK, and an integration center in Austin, Texas.

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