This Lamborghini Vision GT made of wood will blow your mind

Some replicas of the housing supercars in Southeast Asia and this special creation of ND-Woodworking art is one of the most fascinating we have seen.

You can get acquainted with ND – Woodworking Art on YouTube. In 2021, he made mini Lamborghini Sian, Bugatti Centodieci, and Ferrari 250 GTO replicas from wood, and most recently, decided to make a Lamborghini V12 GT Vision Gran Turismo replica for his young son.

The V12 GT Vision Gran Turismo is one of the most versatile concept vehicles introduced by Lamborghini in the last decade, so replicating the look of the outside world is obviously no easy task.

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To begin the project, the talented manufacturer began by making a simple steel frame for the vehicle and installing it with all the necessary suspension and braking components to make it work. A small electric motor was also fitted. Once the frame is complete, the manufacturer sprays everything and creates both a hood and a tailgate that can be mounted remotely.

Then work began on the bodywork and where Lamborghini created his Vision Gran Turismo concept with all sorts of exterior materials, the body of this replica was made of wood only. This clip shows YouTuber cutting, gluing and crafting all the dramatic concept panels from wood before fixing them in a steel frame. He even got into the trouble of making wooden brake calipers and wooden hub caps that sit on top of the rear wheels.

Inspiration from the idea was also taken inside the replica, especially with its futuristic-looking steering wheel. A mesh engine cover was also made of wood and a number of brightly colored LEDs adorned the exterior of the car.

Significantly, the title of the video suggests that the replica took just 96 days to create.


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