This six wheeled jeep will prepare you for Apocalypse

The crew of Apocalypse Manufacturing has unveiled a handful of new upgrades for its Jeep-based six-wheeled drive truck.

New to 2022 is the availability of the Apocalypse called the ‘Oculus’ front fascia. It consists of a prominent LED light bar that replaces the headlights running in the width of the fascia. It is apparently inspired by the front lights of the Tesla Cybertrack and is fitted with a redesigned grille that creates an equally dramatic statement.

The lightbar itself measures a whopping 52-inches and pumps 15,000 lumens. The grille and bumper section are made of lightweight fiberglass.

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Apocalypse Manufacturing has announced that it will offer a 392 Hemi V8 on its Hellfire, Sinistar 6 and Doomsday models. This engine is used in Dodge Challenger and charger R / T scat pack models and is good for 485 hp and 475 lb-ft (644 Nm) of torque. The 392 Hemi V8 LS3 will replace the Corvette V8 that the company had previously offered to its customers.

Buyers looking for more grants can choose a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 Hellcat engine tuned to produce 800 hp.

“Our customers are not only satisfied with their ‘fitting-in’ with their luxurious, supercar counterparts, they demand standouts, so it is up to us to deliver custom-made, interior products that push the boundaries and break the status quo,” the owner said. , Engineer, and chief designer of Apocalypse Manufacturing, Joseph Ghattas, Dr. “The Oculus front looks like the future is coming to you with 6 wheels, while the extremely powerful and high 500 horsepower 392 HEMIĀ® will alert you from a mile away.”

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